Traditional Entrees

Your choice of Chicken, Pork, Tofu or Vegetables
Beef or Shrimp $2.00 Extra
Your Choice Fried Or Steamed Rice


E1.  Spicy Basil                                                                                                                     $9.95
        Sauteed with bell peppers, basil leaves in a special Thai sauce.        (sh or bf)

E2. Thai Traditional Spicy Basil                                                                                $10.95
        Grounded meat sauteed with onion, bell pepper, basil leaves
Thai sauce topped with fried egg.       
E3. Cashew Nut                                                                                                                  $9.95
       Sauteed with onions and bell peppers, cashew nuts, pineapple,
carrots, water chestnuts in a roasted chilli sauce.

E4. Thai Ginger 
       Stir fry with ginger, onions, mushrooms, carrots, snowpeas, 
and scallions in a special Thai sauce.

E5. Thai Sweet and Sour   
        Pineapple, chilli, tomato, onion, carrots, cucumber, and
peppers in a sweet and sour sauce.                                                             

E6. Veggie Lovers                                                                                                            $9.95
       Mixed vegetables with your choice of meat.                      Shrimp Or Beef     

E7. Rama 5                                                                                                                          $10.95
       Sauteed with peanuts sauce on a bed of steamed spinach, broccoli, and carrots.
E8. Thai Garlic                                                                                                                 
       Stir fry meat with mixed vegetables in a special Thai sauce.             

E9. Pad Prik                                                                                                                       $9.95
       Bell pepper, onion, bamboo, and mushroom in a basil sauce.                 
E10. Pad Prik King                                                                                                      
       Bell pepper, mushroom and long green beans in a Thai sauce.           

E11. Chicken and Broccoli                                                                                          
          Baby corns, water chestnuts, carrots, broccoli, onions, and mushrooms.                    
E12. Pepper Steak                                                                                                           
        Stir fry pepper sauce with onion and bell peppers.                            

                                                     ($2.00 extra for Shrimp or Beef)



Choose your favorite fish with your favorite topping:


  Salmon:  $14.95
Red Snapper: $14.95
Whole Snapper: $25.95
Catfish: $13.95
Tilapia on Special:  $11.95
Soft Shell Crab:  $16.95

Choose Your Favorite Topping

Spicy Basil: 
Onions, Bell Peppers, Green Beans, Snow Peas & Mushrooms.
Onions, Ginger, Bell Peppers, Mushrooms.
3 Flavors: 
Topped with Onions, Bell Peppers, Garlic, and a Special three flavor sauce.
Green Curry: 
Bell Pepper, Bamboo, and Eggplants.
Red Curry: 
Bell Pepper, ginger,& Eggplant.
Panang Curry: 
Bell Peppers, Basil Leaves, and Onions.
Pla Lad Prik: 
Spicy Garlic, Lime Leaves, Green Beans in a chilli red curry sauce.

Thai Curry

Your choice of Chicken, pork, Tofu, or Vegetables: $10.95
Beef Or Shrimp: $11.95
Seafood Combo: $15.95

C1.  Red Curry
 Curry of Red ripe chilli paste with coconut milk, bamboo, bell pepper, eggplant, and basil leaves.
C2. Green Curry
        Bell Peppers, green beans, eggplants, bamboo shoots and basil leaves with coconut milk.
C3. Panangy Curry
        Basil leaves, onions, bell peppers and green beans in a coconut milk sauce.
C4. Yellow Curry
        Sauteed with onions, carrots, and potatos in yellow curry coconut milk.
C5. Musaman Curry
Sauteed with onion, carrots, and potatoes in coconut milk top with avocado and cashew nuts.
C6. Gangped Curry
         Red ripe chilli paste, egg plants, bell peppers, mushroom and basil leaves.

   Thai Taste's Favorites

T1.  Terriyaki             
                                                                                             Tofu     $10.95
        Mixed Vegetables with Thai Terriyaki sauce.                                    Chicken    $10.95
                                                                                                                                    Beef   $12.95

2.  Sesame                                                                                                       Chicken    $10.95
        Broccoli and carrots topped with sesame seeds.                                Shrimp    $12.95
                                                                                                                               Salmon     $14.95

T3.  Spicy Basil Duck                                                                                                    $16.95
       Boneless crispy, roasted duck breast enchanced with basil leaves, 
       bell peppers, onions and mushrooms.

T4.  Spicy Basil Lamb                                          
        Grilled Lamb with bell peppers, and onipns in basil sauce.

T5.  Garlic Lamb
         Stir Fry lamb with mixed vegetables.

T6.  Panang Duck
        Boneless roastes duck with bell peppers in panang sauce.

T7.  Stir Fried Mango   
                                                                            Chicken     $10.95
        Red and Green bell peppers, onions, carrots, snowpeas, and corns.       


Chicken, Pork, Tofu, or Vegetables: $9.95
Shrimp or Beef: $11.95

N1.  Pad Thai:
Stir Fry in a tamarind sauce with eggs, bean sprouts, and scallions.
N2. Yellow Pad Thai:
Same as traditional Pad Thai except with yellow curry powder added.
N3.  Drunken Noodle:
Pan fried rice flat noodles with eggs,bell peppers, onion, and basil leaves in a special Thai sauce.
N4.  Pad Se Ew:
Stir fry noodles with eggs, carrots, broccoli in a Thai soy sauce.
N5.  Pad Woon Sen (Thai Garden):
Silver noodle sauteed with onions, egg, carrots, mushrooms, and other vegetables in a Thai sauce.

Fried Rice

Chicken, Pork, Tofu, or Vegetables: $9.95
Shrimp Or Beef: $11.95
2 Meat Combo: $12.95
4 Meat Combo:  $13.95

FR1.  Spicy Basil Fried Rice:
Rice with egg, bell pepper, onion and basil leaves with Thai chilli sauce.

FR2. Thai Fried Rice:
Rice with egg, onions, carrots, broccoli and a hint of seasoning.

FR3. Pineapple Fried Rice:
Rice with Pineapple, egg, carrots, tomatoes in a yellow curry seasoning.

*Please specify Mild, Medium, Hot or Thai Hot*
Can't find a dish?  Ask the chef to prepare one special order